I am a dance artist, theorist and enthusiast. I am drawn to navigating cultural, social, ephemeral and sentient territories through my dance practice. I am unassuming and slow. I like to witness and observe. My most recent work involves the writing and performance of scores that encase the process of developing dance as the context for its staging. I bear witness, make choices and activate myself though intensive physical practices in listening, reflection, composition and dialogue.

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Wild Ghosts is an experimental dance performance , created by choreographer Wanda Gala and noise artist Bob Bellerue with dancer Rainey White. We amplify bodies and voices in a feedback environment, and process the sound in interconnected networks of electronic devices, physical instruments, and acoustic spaces. It is a dynamic collection of equipment and methods, creating sound out of air and bodies.

Thematically we are interested in the social choreography of a sonic space; how bodies manipulate and embody frequency and texture as an object of desire. What ghosts arise from the intensive variability found in a public of bodies interfacing with sonic objects?

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